XVI Women's Softball World Championship

02/08/2018 - 12/08/2018

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JPN, Chiba

XVI Women's Softball World Championship - Official Payoff

Chinese best hitter Li Qi talks about her Olympic dream


“Softball is a great sport, very entertaining. It requires multiple skills. To play elite softball you need power, flexibility, speed. And you also need mental toughness. Softball players need to be smart.”

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Softball World Championship: Day 11 photo gallery


In this gallery you can find pictures of the last day of the WBSC Softball World Championship. Japan beat Canada to make the final. The USA succeeded themselves as Softball World Champoions

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Japan will play USA for the title of Softball World Champion, clears their way to Tokyo 2020


The hosts played close to perfection in the bronze medal game of the Softball World Championship. Ueno picked the win. USA will know playing the final certain to be in Tokyo 2020

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Watch the WBSC Women’s Softball World Championship 2018


WBSC YouTube channel will stream all the games live. Through the article you will be able to make your own choice about the game to watch. In case the game is geo blocked, you will receive directions to the exclusive rights holder

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USA comes from behind, beats Japan in dramatic fashion


Getting to superstar Monica Abbott wasn’t enough for Japan. The USA came from behind to win in the first extra inning and head to the final. Japan will play against Canada to get the right to a re-match

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Final standings

# Team  
1 USA Roster   Stats
2 JPN Roster   Stats
3 CAN Roster   Stats
4 AUS Roster   Stats
5 PUR Roster   Stats
6 MEX Roster   Stats
7 ITA Roster   Stats
8 NED Roster   Stats
9 TPE Roster   Stats
10 CHN Roster   Stats
11 GBR Roster   Stats
12 VEN Roster   Stats
13 NZL Roster   Stats
14 PHI Roster   Stats
15 RSA Roster   Stats
16 BOT Roster   Stats


Tournament leaders

Statistics include all games.

Individual awards are based off of the statistics accumulated in the first and second rounds, excluding the bronze and gold medal games.

Statistics are updated in real time.

Statistics are subject to change once box scores are marked as official.