XVI Women's Softball World Championship

2018-08-02 - 2018-08-12

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XVI Women's Softball World Championship - Official Payoff

Softball World Championship: rain pushes four games to Thursday, 9 August


Rain became a key factor in the last day of round robin play in the WBSC Women’s Softball World Championship.

The games scheduled in NASPA Stadium where rained out.

It has not been possible to play in Akitsu Stadium. The final game of the day between Japan and Australia (the winner will finish group A in first place) was the only one scheduled (7 pm local time) but was posponed to Thursday due to a typhoon alert.

It’s been a busy day in Zett A Ball Park, that has hosted all games played on Wednesday, 8 August.
It was not possible to play the night game, The NetherlandsSouth Africa. Also this game was rescheduled on Thursday.

This is the schedule for Thursday, 9 August (all times local: + 7 CEST, + 13 US Eastern):

AKITSU Stadium
2.30 pm South Africa-The Netherlands
5 pm Great Britain-Venezuela
8 pm Japan-Australia

NaSPA Stadium
2.30 pm New Zealand-Philippines